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monthly car rental


ECONOMY manual

Fiat Panda


 from 620 €/month

5 seats
3000 Km
Kasko 200€/month

COMPACT manual

Fiat 500 X


 from 780 €/month

5 seats
3000 Km
Kasko 200€/month

SUV automatic

Kia Sportage


 from 1300 €/month

5 seats
3000 Km
Kasko 280€/month

SW automatic

Skoda Octavia


 from 1180 €/month

5 seats
3000 Km
Kasko 280€/month

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The monthly car hire offers always include a large number of services, which are the strength of this package.
With a fixed monthly payments, you have everything you need to drive without worries.

  • 3000 km/month

  • RCA Insurance

  • Mandatory equipment 

  • Automotive charges

  • Additional driver

  • Fully maintained rental

  • Damage Excess

  • Theft Excess

The elimination of excess, accident insurance, fuel cost, charging and any fines are not included: they are considered extra costs.


You may complete the basic offer with an additional package to reduce your responsability for damage or theft. Just in case something goes wrong.


Damage Excess: 500 €
Theft Excess: 1000 €
Deposit on Credit Card: 500 € 

    From 200 €/month

    What does it take to rent a car by the month

    To enter into a monthly hire agreement, you may meet the following requirements:

    • At least 19 years of age
    • Licence B, obtained from at least one year
    • ID card/passport
    • Tax code
    • Credit Card
    • Secondary credit card, only in case of rental of luxury models

    the advantages OF MONTHLY car RENTAL

    The Monthly Car Rental solutions ensures you all the benefits of the Long Term Car Rental, combined with the flexibility you are looking for. In this way you can have a car or a commercial vehicle for a period ranging from 28 days to 3 months and meet your need for temporary mobility.


    no strings attached

    Do you need more flexibility? You found it. We created  Freedom: a monthly car rental, that make you free.

    You can decide everything: when to leave and when to stop. You can get out of the contract anytime, without penalty.

    highest quality guaranteed

    All the cars are new, carefully selected and with many hi-tech details.

    You just have to choose the category of car that suits you, according to your needs. You can also add all the options you want and enjoy your new car.
    No bad surprises.

    FIXED MONTHLY PAYMENTS: many services included

    The last thing you need is another deadline to remember. We know.

    Don’t worry, we’ll take care of all the boring things: insurance, stamp, maintenance package, winter equipment and much more.  And in case of prolonged repairs we replace your car with a similar vehicle. It's convenient, isn't it?

    medium term car rental: your tailor-made solution

    you are a freelance professional

    You often change your car and you prefer not to enter into a too long rental contract.

    you are start a start-up

    You look for a smart and flexible mobility solution, without thoughts or fixed duration.


    You need a car at an affordable price, which you can return freely, without obligation.


    You need company cars for a fixed period and you are looking for a flexible solution.

    Your next car is waiting for you!
    For any questions or suggestions, please contact us. 

    What are the requirements to rent a car by the month?
    To enter into a monthly hire agreement, you may meet the following requirements:
    • At least 19 years old;
    • B driving licence with 1+ years of experience;
    • ID/passport;
    • Tax code;
    • Credit card.
    Are there any constraints on the expiration of the monthly contract?
    No, ogni contratto ha una durata minima di 28 giorni: al termine dei quali puoi liberamente decidere se rinnovare o meno il tuo noleggio, senza alcun obbligo.
    What services are included in Rentsmart24’s monthly rental offer?
    Rentsmart24 includes many services in the monthly offer, designed to ensure a hassle-free rental solution. This includes: ordinary and extraordinary vehicle maintenance, RCA insurance, 3000 km per month, compulsory equipment, automotive charges, additional driver, damage relief and theft.
    How can I pay for my monthly rental?
    For reasons of security and company policy, the car rental service can only be paid with credit card, in the name of the reservation holder. At the time of signing the contract, the cost of the rental and the amount of the security deposit will be blocked on this card. The deposit amount will be available again after the return of the vehicle.
    Can I rent without a credit card?
    Unfortunately it is no possible hire a car without a credit card: in order to collect the car, the driver must show a credit card in his name.
    What is the security deposit?
    The security deposit is a sum of money that is frozen on your credit card at the start of your rental. It is a form of guarantee from any damage to the medium. This sum will be unlocked and then usable again after the return of the vehicle, net of any damage or fuel shortages.
    How can I reduce my liability in case of damage or theft?
    By choosing the Comfort package you can clear your liability in case of damage to the vehicle. The Premium Package, on the other hand, covers every unforeseen event: so you are completely protected, both in the event of theft and in the event of damage.
    I can pick the car I want?
    Rentsmart24 has an offer based on different vehicle categories (Mini, Citycar, Compact, Suv Small, Suv Medium, Suv Large, Station Wagon, Luxury). We try to assign the chosen vehicle during the order phase but, in case of unavailability, we assure you that you will receive a similar model, within the category you have chosen.
    The cars are new?
    Yes, we are constantly updating our fleet to ensure the best rental experience possible. From Rentsmart24 you will find only newly registered cars, with the best equipment and full optional, with radio, USB socket, air conditioning, Bluetooth connection and many other technological details.
    Can the rental vehicle be driven by a single person?
    No, the second guide is included in the monthly rental agreement.